14 October 2013

How to do DN




A quarter of your worktime freed and „abused“ for aimless idleness renders you more produktive, free, creative and content – and yes, happy.

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  • Professional Idleness – a quarter of your work-time (normally 2 hours out of 8 hours) not wanting to achieve anything and acting accordingly. No aim. No cultivation of a purpose. No skills rehearsed. Nothing else than practicing conscious idleness and being aware of it and following it through.
  • Maximising aimlessness and playful futility, avoiding purposeful action and constructive doing as well as pondering and solving problems. It is about processing, not work. Meals, nature ́s call, hygiene and bodily exercise (sport) do not account for idleness. No meditation, reading books, articles, podcasts or watching TV.
  • No sex, as it is not only productive, but worse, re-productive – the mother of all production.
  • Active transportation (cycling, rowing, driving a car, walking from A to B for the reason of X) is therefore not idling as well. Passive transportation on the other hand, e.g. in a train or in a bus and looking out of the window or on your palms is valid.
  • Walking in the tradition of strolling (flaneur, like in 19th century) without an destination or purpose is idleness. Also in a couple or group it could be valid, if there is no matter followed up or pursued and no „constructive“ talks happen, but rather a special idleness „small talk“ a senseless sequence of entertaining or intelligent opinions, associations, observations and random things without a conclusion or narrative.
  • Passive music indulgence is fine as well as dabbling in arts unknown to you without seriously practicing them, games while trying to deconstruct and „unplaying“ them without pursuing to win and dance without showing off. Hacking social habits and being irrational is advised.
  • All sensory pleasures are allowed without loosing yourself in them and without making them the purpose or aim of doing nothing, e.g. snacks but no dinner, small drinks but not getting drunk. Drugs (Recreational & hard) are not recommended because their influence distract from consciously doing nothing and normally close down and dampen creativity.
  • To sit is allowed, but without meditating and without thinking and analyzing too much. Nature is recommended, but you can also use any space around you, urban jungle or countryside.
  • Sleeping is not idleness because is has the purpose of recovery. Celebrate serendipity, let life flow, watch the waves. The discipline of doing nothing may be hard but very rewarding…[/well]

…and that is what we try to do. Every day since.

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