19 September 2013

DAY 35

oyfully celebrating the moment without regrets.


Did you do DN? Yes How long did you do nothing today? 1h / per 1h

Answers HK

Walked from home to an art exhibition opening. 10min
Walked around in an Art Fair not particularly judging or watching it. 20min
Watched a dance performance, sitting. 20min
Waited at a bar to get a free 1857 cocktail. 10min

Use the time you have. Do not loose a minute. Dive into it when necessary and feasible. DN may rule at least some transportation ways, but only if it is inevitable and you forget the purpose…

I rejoice a lot in walking in that mode/lifting my mood. People are so in their worlds while going from A to B. Most of them sunk in their mobile phones or listening to music which distracts them what is going on NOW. I want to be now and play. Anticipation (a unknown field, a new person, a new interaction) excites me a a lot…

Ok. Did not give it enough space, really, shuffled it in, but playfully. Had to loose my companion several times to really DN. Otherwise conversation was too distracting.

BEFORE: Slowly getting in gear. Had a shower. Too early to head out and call it a day. But that was it. Art ruled, or better, the art market…

WHILE: Good, shut my head off. Only listened and reacted a bit without thinking. Wanted something to distract me, these strange shoes to look at, the sounds in the background, this girls eyes to see me, this cocktail, yes, but most of it was letting go. Did not meet the girl, got the cocktail, with a flower on it. It was a creation for the day, the opening – a very delicious creation.

AFTER: Good. Exhausted. Was an 8h art & conversation walk. Did not find the parties, but well, nobody is perfect. The old Berlin dance hall was still a bliss. Maybe I was too frank on this evening, or maybe not. I am protecting myself. Let ́s see if it works, if I don´t ;-)



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 30min / per 30min

Answers NT

Went for a city-walk with a cup of icecream, although it was very cold outside – looking for synchronicities… My attention oscillating between inner and outside world… Came across Jazzland (Viennese live music venue) and decided to peep in and explore…

DN increasingly comes up to be the real life for me and it opens possibilities for refreshing synchronicities..

Well, I still suffer from the split between life from moment to moment and the so called “real life” where I have to do things to earn my living… I want to chill extensively and be productive and get money at the same time…

I procrastinated my DN today and had a guilty conscience about it…

Check in: Idling now expands and extends into life / into every day life / the total serenity /
things are approaching me / steered from the outside but with the best deliberateness / aim / every day a protocol / and also what concerns my life-planning / riding a wave of serenity / I can bridge the „nature of idleness“ to the „world of business“ / it is paradoxical / the impact is due to that energetic state / this state makes things happen /

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