21 September 2013

DAY 37

et the choices begin – you can always choose differently!


Did you do DN? Yes How long did you do nothing today? 2,5h / per 2,5h

Answers HK

Walked around in Mitte, Berlin, Auguststr. / Linienstr. / Oranienburgerstr. and went into some shops and galleries.

The tendency to follow you instinct gets augmented through DN. You do what you would do if you not normally would catch you beforehand and think a little, deciding more rationally if you can or are allowing yourself now.

It leads to the cellar of your being if you allow yourself, where a bright fire is burning – on a screen (you do not want to burn down your house, do you?)

Great, it was what I needed. Otherwise I would have driven home after a business-meeting, and kept on screenwork, neglecting the world and the people outside. And the layers and hints in life.

BEFORE: Business meeting. Had already a coffee, so sitting in a café was not an option anymore. Walking and being drawn in by art or chance, was an option, so I gave it a go.

WHILE: Sensational, because the first curious turn into a courtyard and gallery space brought me three levels down into the cellar of the house, where a fire was burning.

AFTER: Relaxed. Cool. Had the feeling that I lived and DID something. Created headspace and the lust for a good meal. That is what I prepared for myself then…



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 1h 30min / per 1h 30min

Answers NT

Relaxing at “Grüne Erde” upstairs in my favourite sofa, listening to the silence… Walking over to “Museumsquartier” / MuQua where I could rest at one of the special sunloungers there called “Enzi”…

There are numerous occasions each day to change over from active to passive…

Learning that I need to plan that occasions, having a date with myself is key to life-quality… Also a key: sticking to that appointment => next step in personal quality development!

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