22 September 2013

DAY 38

ystic moments dawn, if you let them. Relax. Breathe. Decide.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 1,5h / per 1,5h

Answers HK

Bus tour by chance, changing 2x till the terminal station. Reached a distant S-Bahn station, took the (former Eastern) S-Bahn and (Western) Subway back.

Surfing buses and public transportation is a fun way to DN, only time planning is a challenge. Best in 2h intervals of DN.

I could get tense if I do not know if it works out, in this case not knowing where I go. I want control. it seems. It eased away after the second change, but took almost an hour to reach an enjoyable „I do not care“ attitude. Was checking the time 3x. Then at the end I let go. To not know where you go in a town is thrilling. This lets you be conscious about your ever-forming aims. Like in a rat maze. DN is dissolving that…

Wonderful. Planned and was even longer out as planned. Opened me up. Very joyful.

People. So many different people with lives, intimacies, families. Hmm…

BEFORE: Was running/jogging beforehand. First physical excercise, then shower and then sitting in a bus, still damp. Like jumping into an unapproved slowly developing adventure directly from the shower…

WHILE: Went to the nearest Bus stop. Waited till the first bus came, in any direction (the one across). Got in, bought a ticket for using the transportation system for 2h (roughly in one direction, I am not allowed to use it to go not back, like a return on the same line) and waited till the terminal station. Got out, jumped into the next coming bus, again till the terminal station. Walked to the S- Bahn station close and got into a train to roughly the right direction back. Missed one perfectly fit for only a minute. Did a sound recording for one minute where the trams turn around, though, deciding this made me miss my “perfect” train. There is no “perfect”. ;-) Took another S-Bahn to an Subway station I know and the Subway which takes me back, closest to home. Took me half an hour more than scheduled to get back. Big fun. Very centering and focusing, without knowing what really happened, other than me looking outside or watching people on my way…

AFTER: Very good. Really great. Lifted my spirits a lot. Showed me that I can seize my Sunday. A lot better than the rest of the week, also in work terms, strangely.



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 2h / per 1h

Answers NT

Went for a walk up to Kahlenberg, slowly moving while being fully aware of my thoughts, my breath and heartbeat.. Afterwards stretching out in the sun on a raft near the Danube river..

It`s not just about doing nothing but about balancing these two opposite life-spheres: doing vs. non doing / being

Partly I still have a bad conscience while idling… But: Increasingly i`m able to balance the two parts of me > the manager and the lazybone… in case of doubt the lazybone wins anyway… ;-)

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