18 September 2013

Day 34

am not only my thoughts or my feelings. I am.


Did you do DN? Yes How long did you do nothing today? 1h / per 1h

Answers HK

Walked from home to a friends place in Friedrichshain (next district), on foot it took more than an hour, inclusive an art exhibition I stumbled across.

Don´t drive, walk. Nothing is better.

I love to stumble into exhibition openings, knowing nobody and eating, drinking, being in awe or bored with the artworks.

Rather good. A good distance for a walk. Happy to see the developments on the road. DN is taking me and my life seriously and gives me occasions to cling to. A delight.

Art is just another human gathering for social needs.

BEFORE: Working. Up to the point where I had to head out of the flat to get to the friend of mine who invited me over for a glass of wine. Decided that 1h DN will bring me there in time.

WHILE: Dived into a gallery opening I passed by (a bunch of people were standing together, in the second courtyard from the street, chatting and drinking). Loved to work my way through into the gallery. Had to wear little plastic bags over the boots because of the carpet in the gallery (an ugly, cheap, gray one) as well as a room freshly painted with gray floor color. Well…it made me shuffle a bit in it an a lady in miniskirt and cowboy boots was dancing with me spontaneously. Very nice. Ate some fruits from the buffet and took a cup of wine with me on the road, where I dumped a strawberry. Great walk, took some nice photos.

AFTER: Stirred up and happy to reach my destination. Found the Austrian restaurant „Mutzenbacher“ (famous Austrian prostitute) through my walk.



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 2h / per 30min

Answers NT

Went to Therme Oberlaa, indulging in a lazy afternoon – floating in warm saltwater, having long showers and sweatbaths.. Looking onto a full double rainbow in the bambusgardens outside the sauna area..

Doing nothing makes happy in the right environment – it`s possible everywhere, but why not optimizing?

I am here to learn to idle and fully feel myself…

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