20 September 2013

DAY 36


Exhibition "So gut wie genug" by Sandra Man & Moritz Majce

een on experiencing the next coincidence!


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 10min / per 5min

Answers HK

5min DN at Ballhaus Ost – exhibition opening / in between everybody
5min DN ZKU (Center for Art & Urbanistics) / Terrace / Bar / in between everybody

To blank out in between a social situation is possible but difficult if you are not moving away from the crowd. You may get talked to especially BECAUSE you look so peaceful and „away“ or „super-present“…

I like to be „away“ AND „super-present“ through inhaling the WHOLE scene, not just because of or with my partner I talk to. The room, the light, the clutter of sound, the voices, the music, the feeling of my body against the chair, the breeze of air…

Very good because the short „blank outs“ where refreshing and kept me from wanting too much.

BEFORE: Interesting, I do not add the time in the exhibition, because I was paying too much attention on the meaning and making of concerning the artworks and words on display. I did not want to disregard my friends and their work and felt I want to ponder about it and have an conscious impact. DN would have blurred that, I think.

WHILE: Super. The whole scene came out of the curtains. It was always there, but if you pay attention to everything around you, suddenly, it reveals a different layer, the „situation“. Great.

AFTER: Very good, only that I jumped into a conversation and listened more closely as someone mentioned „zoophilia“, sex with animals. Damn distractions…



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 15min / per 15min

Answers NT

While sitting in the subway and waiting for the next connection I watched people hurrying by and at the same time I watched my thoughts.. Waiting in the cathedral near the confessional box for my romantic appointment…

The hollowness of existence discomforts me a little – “to be” needs no deeper sense.. presence is there – no justification needed… The flow of thoughts easily disturbs that presence… Where does that come from? Don`t know. It does not matter, it should look after itself..

When I`m under pressure DN is crucial, more than ever… I found, that i don`t know what I want because I don`t know who I really am… F**k it!! The solution is DN – I get rid of all the misconceptions and old definitions about my life and me… they are definitely not necessary!

My “waiting” has been thrilling – I was fully present in the here and now, like a cat before the mousehole – but not strung up, not expectant – instead fully here. Had a bad conscience again, because it was a very short exercise again, I kind of idle my idleness experience… Do I still have a superego? Still scared…

Met by two occasions the same Asian guy which I saw at the thermal spa… Amazing! Why doesn`t that happen in the same way with women??

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