23 September 2013

DAY 39


the sky opens up if you breathe and feel your own blood-flow

ot all doing nothing is really nothing, but simple busyness of the mind.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 30min / per 30min

Answers HK

Created a hot bath for me, lying in there, soaking and submerging for 30min.

Water helps. Thinking is water, if it flows it carves out riverbeds. If it is still it reflects the moon. If you dive into thinking you hear nothing else anymore, unfortunately ;-)

It is difficult to stop flowing. I love the flow, the one leading to another. The puzzle to solve, the bubbling up of things. The heat of being surrounded by thoughts which matter (you never know, but you feel the difference in body reaction to a thought or area of pondering to guess importance). Being a pond is difficult.

Good. At almost the last instance I loved that it was special and it was involving nakedness…

People. So many different people with lives, intimacies, families. Hmm…

BEFORE: Good, in anticipation. Was not so cold as in a cold winter day where, after being out the whole day you may long for a hot bathtub, but yes,…looking forward to be submersed in warm liquid.

WHILE: Good, warm, hot. Until I wrinkled. Submerged several times to stop trailing and tracing thoughts. Felt like getting baptised. Watched the line of water while not breathing, the water extracting and pulsating to the rythm of my heartbeat / bloodflow, feeling alive.

AFTER: Tired. Warm. Cozy. Needed to take some notes afterwards for projects and personal matters. Felt inspired — and sleepy.



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 30min / per 30min

Answers NT

It was a hectic day today – took a flight to the countryhouse of a friend, such an island of tranquility and restfulness…

DN often proves to be my rescuing angel in the storms of everyday`s life..

I am very(!) lazy – excluding sports and physical exertion, crazy…

Well, I had too little time for me being alone – have been triggered from external events and couldn`t say no… it aches double because of being aware of that fact…

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