24 September 2013

DAY 40

indfulness meets momentary happiness of being there – in this life.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 2h / per 2h

Answers HK

Walked along the river 30min. Sat in a church for 1,5h.

A church as a meditative space is good if you can detach it from religion and see the whole scenery, smell, architecture, voices, chairs and so on… I suggest that you fight the reflex of praying, do nothing as “praying” so that the gods of creativity may have mercy with you humble sinner. Observing an ecumenical dialogue would be best. Stumbled into exactly such an intercultural exchange. Lucky…thanks, dear god(s)!

I love crossing over and knowing ahead of time. Here I did not. Even not in a (protestant) church around the corner where I live. I am curious (I already knew) but I am curious so that I can judge more quickly…ooops. Or to have a clue. Here I sat for 15min without knowing what will happen, Anonymous Alcoholics meeting, church-bible group, a Protestant family gathering or a choir meeting? And it was still burning under my fingers, until I let go. Everything was fine. I do not need to do anything. I am happy to be here, now. The events unfold without me as well…

Very good. Did get too much input for really counting it as nothing-nothing, but this church concluded a journey of 40 days nicely. Very happy.

Walked back after I went away to talk to the (female) Vicar (Egyptian origin, born in Berlin, married to a German ;-) about the meditation room she has mentioned. I was walking away because of unnecessary „reasons“ – which, I found out on my way away, meant nothing – so I returned. A wonderful chat with the people there followed…

BEFORE: Ahhm, I wanted it to be special, somehow, but I did not know how to do that so I gave it up in the last second and just went out of the house.

WHILE: I was faintly aware that I want to be inside more than outside and that the church might be a nice place, but I could have ended up anywhere. Two trees, one with a 76 label, and another one I never touched on the way were I always exercise running, a big willow with a sign about „Lebensraum“ – „space for living“ attached to it, you can see it only if you step close to the stem and look up. Then the church seemed to be open and people were entering – I followed them and sat down. A lecture about inter-religious dialogue followed.

AFTER: Really good. Great actually. Lifted my spirits. Could have gone earlier, but stayed. Got really hungry.



Did you do DN? Yes & No
How long did you do nothing today? well…

Answers NT

What a strange day, what a strange experience… Wanted to celebrate the final day without conscious DN, but it didn`t work… Aimlessly wandering around visiting my favourite places…

DN isn`t a skill, it is a natural feature of life, it can`t be “done”, though one has to practice it until it is rooted in the DNS…

Interesting how effortless DN could be without intention.. Evidently new neural pathways have been established in my system

Had the feeling to permanently hang out with myself while ignoring my (also lazy) inner dialogue…

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