11 September 2013

Day 27


evore there was music, there was silence.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 5min / per 5min

Answers HK

Sitting at the balcony for 5min and watching the sky.

Well, no. Just that sitting and watching into a cloudy dark sky can be not enough to do DN.

I seem to be able to neglect the DN contract if I think I have more important things to do which then take over. Not ok.

Hmm, is it too much? Do I loose interest? Is it a bad day?

BEFORE: Had a long and emotionally stirring skype call which went longer than expected.

WHILE: Shut down. No idea.




Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 30min / per 30min

Answers NT

Sitting in the sun on a bench at the Albertina Museum, huggling together, feeling each other and looking into the deep blue sky- occasionally talking slowly and softly and free floating with long pauses..

It is possible to do nothing as a pair, when my partner is willing to undergo a risk..

It was such a deep longing to relax fully while being together – now i know its possible..

[collapse title="How did you feel about this experiment today?"]
I´m a catalyst for “deep field relaxation” – i am able to involve people into my DN-field.. I am Key-Account and an agent for DN – i am an ambassador for the “Idle of Man” and a “pin-striped Roshi”

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