10 September 2013

Day 26


ll beings are here for just one reason. Maybe some of them forgot it.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 1h / per 1h

Answers HK

With a friend of mine and a short introduction extending a 30 minutes DN tour to a 1h trip, walking.

Doing it with somebody does not diminish the quality. It is exciting, too, if the partner chosen fits and understands. It is also a nice mirror and a additional incentive to watch out and point out things.

I like „prendere in giro“ people, especially those who work in jobs which I look down at a bit, like shopvendors. Sitting on a 15k EUR silver fox fur does not make you feel better. Nor the 12k EUR sofa beneath it. The 80EUR dinner was worth it. Every cent.

Super good. What a bliss and delight to wander like a tourist through your own town you know well. The playful part is the best. With an accompanist even nicer. Sharing a story.

BEFORE: Already in a kind of DN mood. Lying around in Burggarten. But doing DN and saying it, giving it a time frame added to the experience.

WHILE: Playful, attentive, playful. Humming and singing. Curiosities on the way and talking and reacting spontaneously to people, keeping the conversation with the partner low.

AFTER: Very very good.



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 10min / per 10min

Answers NT

Sitting at the top of Peilstein on my Isomat, looking into the distance – watching the clouds slowly shifting by, altering their form from moment to moment..

DN has become the “New Doing” for me… I get the feeling to be part of a very significant event / experiment, having done the only crucial job.. To be myself and to rest in my center wherever whenever…

My thoughts are only concepts and totally empty – i can let them go and they rearrange and come back in a new form… That is not me, this is kind of a game – i am i without this whole stuff!!

Very good, even better from day to day…

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