8 September 2013

Day 24

ou are not your thoughts. You are.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 30min / per 10min

Answers HK

10min sitting next to the Austrian Pavillion at the Venice Biennale resting and watching people go by, eating ice cream. 10min on the Vaporetto on deck to San Servolo and 10min back to get my luggage. 5min walking around on the way back to the Hostel.

Letting the surrounding be and unfold while you are just standing or sitting there, being aware of what is coming up inside of you means battling with the impulses to act and react and the possible outcomes you imagine. Especially if a girl passes by and you could have said something but were busy doing nothing and winding down. The lighthearted reaction without thinking is more what I would say I want to work at than the hiding in nothing and closing up. So do not close up.

Do not close up. Act in the moment. Do not think too much.

Interesting because it get normal to fill a time where DN is perfectly possible with exactly that. Like on a boat or bus from A to B. Not many options of this without acting myself during a day (meaning that space for DN must/should/could be fought for and opened and planned).

BEFORE: Walking around in extensive areas and halls of the Venice Biennale Art exhibition.
My rest was the DN, which was ok-ish ;-)

WHILE: Observing while the whole day was observing. So me, as an artwork of nature, I am observing myself rather than the expression of others. Am I art. Well, no, well, yes. Like anybody else.

AFTER: Good, needed to walk out again and get some food. Tried DN around midnight again, but this was rather searching for a girl I did see beforehand ;-) And head was full of the latest news and stories. Not good DN.



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 2h / per 30min

Answers NT

I was substitute on an exhibition stand at an event on an organic farm and had nothing to do, except being present… Thanks for the possibility to practice presence and get paid for it.. I watch people and dogs playing and even when i talk to somebody, i am centered in my body and breath and listen to the chilly music all day.. I walk around and feel completely centered, grounded – i welcome my thoughts and can let them go away..

Strange.. I am only here and being paid for that, i have nothing to DO… My “DO”

I have to rethink my presumptions about work and earning… Sometimes arises kind of a bad conscience but i discovered that this also a mental activity within me and i can let go of it either or simply observe..

It`s a totally new experience for me to be totally in the flow without any inner effort!..

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