20 August 2013

Day 06

orget what you just wanted to do or accomplish ~ go with the flow.
Sit down, do nothing.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 1h 45min / per 15min

Answers HK

Sat at the balcony (seven times of 8 planned, every 45min) and watched the sky. At night,…the moon.

At least for me, creating chunks is kind of eating a cup of strawberry yoghurt over the day, but only one spoonful each hour. At the end it is pretty sour and warm and I do not want it anymore. ;-) 15min breaks are great, and they structure my day into nice 45min sessions of work, but they are quickly over too…

These pauses are soooo important, that it is on the verge of boring because it is so rational. If you structure your pauses you structure your work, otherwise pauses do not make sense. But if you carry your work into the night, then pauses are showing you that you better need to escape work – at that time ;-)

Good, because it was still a very productive day. To stay in one spot, just the balcony and watching the sky is enough. Variation in DN is important, too. But to be honest, my feeling is that work and DN in the normal way of longer pauses – not really for me.

BEFORE: Any before was a before, so in between work 8x planned nothing is quite exhausting, strangely on the DN side of things. The last one I had to skip because I was too tired and did not want to watch the moon again.

WHILE: Great. Pondering and looking at clouds and how the whole sky moves without pondering was soothing and inspiring.
E.g: “Is the dark side of the moon lighten up by starlight?”

AFTER: Good. It broke the work in distinct chunks – that was good. It felt still like „a lot of work“, the DN part… ;-)



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 1h / per 30min & 10min

Answers NT

Strolling through the city, visiting the Museum Area MQ, sitting and lying in the famous Chill-Facilities “Enzi”, sitting/lying in these chairs and bringing my head in a different position allows me to alter my thoughts, gives me a new perspectives…

DN seems to be an alternate Mind-Training without any cause and ideology – nice but difficult..

Hmm, I thought that would be easier for me – it confronts me with my not likeable habits…

To begin seems to me the most difficult part, all my inner parts bristle up..

Holy shit, just be yourself and all will be go(o)d…

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