19 August 2013

Day 05


Left alone, but happy

verything is relative – so is stress – so is “I must”. You may – and you may do it differently.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 2h / per 2h

Answers HK

A walk in and next to a park, or better towards it, or better turning on the „wrong“ direction while walking out of the house – still ending up there. Eating a snack on the way and having a coffee at the turning-point, Villa Kreuzberg.

Walking like a flaneur is less exploring than „letting come“. Parks are substantial. Even though a street can be a lot to „take in“ it is more soothing to stand next to a tree or walk over roots…or watch the ducks in a pond next to a fountain. Statues do rest a lot.

My nose is my universe, if I let it. I can sniff around atmosphere like a dog, deciphering and reacting to smell, if I let myself. If I am in a rush, this is more or less blocked, or unconscious. In doing nothing, this can be a THE mode of orientation and attention…

Great. What a bliss to walk outside, dropping a plan for a snack and eat something else on the road instead. It is so much fun to open eyes, nose, ears and mind and time flies by. A friend mentioned “daydreaming” – if this is allowed – and I think, yes, if it is not aimed at something particular or solving something with it. Not analysing your life with daydreaming, letting it become a daydream – partly. ;-)

BEFORE: Happy and looking forward to a 2h adventure. Planned a coffee in somehow, but did not really know where. Worked to get rid of that plan. Did not work out ;-( Had a coffee. Damned purpose.

WHILE: A new area, a lot of new shops and smells. Especially the food places, the Indian ones and the Indian/Asian shops. Waterfall & pond at Kreuzberg park. A child immediately climbed the statue. I sat next to it. I want to climb it, too, but I am too big…

AFTER: Soothed. Had the feeling to have done something for me. Explored and digested…



Did you do DN? No
How long did you do nothing today? 0min

Answers NT

I was caught in a ratrace and couldn`t find the exit. I felt as if I was controlled by external forces and had a very bad feeling about that and was full of bad conscience.

DN is getting more and more important for me, but it`s not as trivial as I thought it to be… Getting into a Trance is simple for me, Idling with eyes open and staying present is not that easy…

Why do I have such a bad conscience? Obviously i`m still external driven, but I feel that DN is the way to get rid of these forces…

What is the most difficult part of the game seems to be letting go of the mental movements – not thinking all the time … I have to chase up the lost time!

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