11 November 2013

There is an art to relaxing


seek out places where you can lay, do nothing, and often drink heavily

“Boredom, I would argue, is a key component of relaxation. Component to functional relaxation is the ability to rest your mind until it is slack, which the resting state of boredom. This is why people who need vacation so often seek out places where they can lay, do nothing, and often drink heavily. They want to let their mental faculty rest, slipping into a bored state so that they can recharge. Baths have this effect, ar at least can, if you don´t bring two books a phone and stress with you. There is an art to relaxing. […]

Why? Our lives are simply richer when they have more in them. More what? More thought, information, smiles and everything else that we do digitally. The cost is that if we fail to balance at least partially we risk complete subsumption of our physical lives into our electronic dance. That´s something that we must avoid.”

Alex Wilhelm, Deputy Managing Editor at the Next Web

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