24 January 2014

+250 Students – Doing Nothing

Nice attitude. Universities become factories for producing “knowledge”, “products”, “applicability” in favour of a economical approach of short-sighted efficiency and measurable “relevance”.

Is all knowledge immediately good for something? Are knowledge workers, like creative workers bound to the yoke of efficiency and “usefulness”? A lot of nobel prizes would not have been achieved and flourished in a climate like this. There might be a need in the institutions of education as well to adopt Doing Nothing as a tool and method of protest, an expression of freedom from goal-driven “knowledge management”.

What happens when 250+ students stop and do nothing in a public place? Watch and learn what norms are, how they can be broken, and what are the consequences?

Filmed on the illustrious campus of Georgia Southern University.

For more head to www.SociologySource.com

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