15 January 2014

National DO NOTHING Day


They are not sleeping, but dozing... ;-)

The USA got invited to celebrate the 16th of January as a particular holiday day since 1973 – the acclaimed anti-holiday “National Do NOTHING Day”.

A journalist called Harold Puffman Coffin (yes, Coffin! :-) ) suggested and executed this day in his life to celebrate WITHOUT having to do anything for it – no turkey, no pyrotechnic setup, no presents for a zillion relatives, no travel to see Aunt Mary and Uncle John, no raising the flag, no singing complicated harmonies in disharmonious constellations of people with a lack of motivation, no decorated trees being thrown out of the window later, no decorated people, no parades, no festooning, no calls to make. Just a day for for the overworked mind in cool, shady, safe corner of life – a day for doing nothing.

A sensational idea – an idea worth to support and spread as we find. In Europe we suggested the 1st of May to be re-named and re-defined properly as a day without work, not working for a day celebrating work. A day for constructively doing nothing. Celebrate both and start tomorro, 16th January with Harold Puffman Coffin´s daring invention. We invite you to go further with this concept: Join us in practising the 1st of May as the “Day of Constructive Idleness”.


Do you really think one day will be enough to soothe you in our transformative times? Dedicating more to this delicious non-activity may be your only chance to stay sane and healthy. Recharge your batteries through doing nothing daily, or as often as you can and need. Our suggestion that will boost your output is 1/4th of a work day. You will come more focused into the next day if you have let yourself indulge in the sweetness of idleness – without a bad conscience. You CAN do it. If 317 Million US citizens are having that day in their calendar (although not officially sanctioned…) – we deserve and demand to have that, too – officially!! Give us our day of DOING NOTHING, dear EU parliament, dear National governments, because WE NEED IT! Psychologists confirm that doing nothing is absolutely necessary for our health, our spirit and work enthusiasm.

Worship DOING NOTHING with us and millions of happy US citizens, tomorrow.

They deserve this joy – we, too.

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