11 November 2013



The world, the people need less more than more. We are over-worked, over-whelmed and over-anxious. We are over-clocked and always helplessly behind. We need a new kind of doing, not more doing or more efficient doing. The gods of productivity and efficiency are eating up themselves and spitting out naked people, tagging them useless. Nobody is useless, only a system rewarding solemnly use-value is useless.

Escape the hamster wheel of purpose! We can afford it now. We need a new definition of work for post-industrial, post-efficient, post-productive times. A new paradigm, a new narrative. We need to relax – but not for falling asleep, but for a new culture of attention. We need a radical, partial diet. There is no way if we can´t stop for a while. We declare the incubation phase in the process creativity king. In creativity idleness is queen. Idleness is no deadly sin it is joy of life, real innovation, renovation, depth. Set yourself to reset. Open up for nothing, the gate for a diversity of something. The phase to get information in is only 1/4th of the deal. Letting it sink without “working” with this is at least worth 1/4th of your time – and proven to enhance the quality of your output. Creatives, workers, students, start-ups worldwide are still caught in industrial idea-production, where more seems to be better.

Less is better, nothing is the new goal – otherwise there is no better “more”. We do not certify, we let go. We use procrastination, but only for its constructive impact. Data-workers of the world, unite in doing nothing and leave your screens – only 25% of your work-day. We preach a mental lull, a new ataraxia for the chased and driven, an anti-dote for an overworked and over-managed over-consumer. In an dawning idea-economy idleness will advance to be a core technology to keep us all sane and functional. Constructively doing nothing enhances sustainability and resilience, as the bitter pill against cogitation and going in circles, spinning out of control.

Doing nothing is difficult! But imagine how many jobs may get created if people will work a quarter less and let others take over, when they unwind. 80% of the world population may not be able to do that work consciously, because they are consumed by mere survival, but YOU can. Transform business through less busyness. To make paradise on earth happen, we should do less, next to doing the right things more. We are doing too much too fast. Our climate our planet may not bear much more reckless exploitation. Not seizing an opportunity to mine remaining ressources or selling public ones is the new benchmark. Imagine less destructive action, only a quarter would have an huge impact on our environment, thus on us.

New goals? The supply of goals is empty, we have too many goals and reaching none of them (in time) – what we get is only more problems. The paradox of people putting their heads in the ground while they run. We start with the individual, may it be a president, CEO, teacher or waitress. We do not urge you to change your life – we invite you to do nothing, but properly. To train doing nothing, as a constructive rite, an healing quirk, an disconnecting, personal space without a purpose, finally – only there for you to recharge your batteries. Let it be {good}.

Happiness through under-performing, not over-performing. A sensitivity for the “too much” for our mental babble and action. Doing nothing can be revolutionary! War?…and nobody shows up – not enemies, not friends 🙂 Your inaction helps slowing down the ravenous bugblatter beast of capitalism. Political systems rely on your action – your power is to have the choice to not comply and do nothing. Idleness is the ultimate weapon of resistance. Ultimate freedom. At least for a quarter of a day.
Over and out.


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