16 September 2013

Day 31


Some profound meaning is written on pavillion walls

**k it – take a holiday from your obligations.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 40min / per 10min


Walked with a friend in a park, sat in a wooden pavilion, then walked in the adjacent wood and sat on a meadow in armchairs for at least 10min each without doing or saying anything of profound meaning.

What is the direct and what is the (longterm?) indirect effect of DN? Direct is happiness and joyful acceptance of what is there, longterm is centering you and making you calm and serene. Ultimate goal is freedom and serenity? If you are meeting people you know, try to be more DN next time without worrying them or avoid them to stay in DN.

Exploring realms which are seemingly dull or well known is a special delight. Just another direction and you end up in totally new terrain. You can walk the woods with high heeled boots as well (my companion) without any difficulties.

Soothing, great. You can do your own idleness pleasure without announcing it greatly beforehand. Did not even speak about DN. Just do it and answer and interact accordingly.

BEFORE: Calm. Sunday mood. But unsure if DN would be possible during the walk. Did want to try it out without telling the partner.

WHILE: Great, calmness through nature. Do I make the partner DN ready with being centered and not responding sometimes, giving space to good DN? DNA – Doing Nothing Activities.

Notes: Took some pictures.

AFTER: Happy. Super-happy. Followed my instincts and felt that nothing can bring me out of my path, where I am still following a red line of how to react and how not. New. This is new in this clarity and awareness.



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 1h / per 1h

Answers NT

While lying on my campingmat a fellow sportsman came by with his little daughter – she was sleepy, and therefore he couldn`t enter his boat with her, so i offered him my mat to couch her softly and he did it. She slept there for an hour and we had a wonderful talk about doing nothing and his related personal experiences in his job as a Psychiatrist..

Idling seems to be a common desire..

I have a talent: I can act as a catalyst to depressurize people and make it comfortable for them

I feel a certain tension beforehand, more tension than in “normal” life – seems to be  kind of a mental preparation..

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