15 September 2013

Day 30


There is a beginning and and end even to nothing

scape from the ratrace? Best before end of life.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 30min / per 30min

Answers HK

Walked in the pedestrian zone and main square of my old hometown.

What is the direct and what is the (longterm?) indirect effect of DN? Direct is happiness and joyful acceptance of what is there, longterm is centering you and making you calm and serene. Ultimate goal is freedom and serenity? If you are meeting people you know, try to be more DN next time without worrying them or avoid them to stay in DN.

That I come from I place which is as familiar as me being a tourist. I cannot think of myself seriosly living there. Provinvce. I knew that already, and DN does not distinguish between a rich and a socially less favourable environment, but it makes a difference in every day. Vienna alone is not enough, for me at least ;-)

Hmm, the time scheduled for DN is still a challenge, especially here in Austria. Why I do not know. The driving to Vienna each day and having appointments is fragmenting the available time and last minute DN before bed is not very efficient.

BEFORE: Working on the Computer. Not feeling fulfilled or really working. What is the fulfillment with working at the computer? If people answer. At this day nobody really did. So I got myself outside to get some real world input.

WHILE: Good energy, looking up where I usually just passed by.

AFTER: Ok. Not particularly energetic or creative. Lunch. The rest. So it blurred the direct effect of DN a bit.



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 1h / per 30min

Answers NT

Sitting on a cosy sofa at Grüne Erde, an eco furniture shop with a very tranquil atmosphere.. Later sitting on a sofa at the Co-Working Space Neno-Office, waiting for the begin of an event, opening myself to the special atmosphere there..

“It” is always there, i do not need to do something to bring it to live, i only have to stop doing – and here it is..

I become aware of the fact, that i do so many meaningless activities to fill the time with “stuff”.. I flee the present moment bothering about the next moment or the moment before.. Looks like my thoughts live me, who am i without them?

I am proud of me.. Welcome back, Ego:-)

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