12 September 2013

Day 29


oing or non doing, that is the question now.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 30min / per 30min

Answers HK

Used the car, deviated from the path from A to B and drove around for 30min out of an impulse.

You can do it in a car, too, but you have to leave your path and drive around aimlessly.

Hm, I can act a lot quicker if I am not thinking so much all the time. I am simply slow, too slow for some immediate decisions. Does DN make that better? Within yes. As a learning, lets see…

To be honest, I tried to let the chance happen that I bump into a car again, a Mini with white stripes and two girls in it, and drove around with the possible outcome that I see them again. Did not work.

BEFORE: Concentrated, tired after a 11h worksession.

WHILE: Good. Driving is fun and the path I chose I drove last time more than 15years ago. A lot nicer than the highway. Still I was attentive about which cars are passing by or standing at the roadside.

AFTER: Nervous, and brooding why I did let them slip away and did overtake them, not reacting when they changed lane and drove off my path to Mödling. Why did I not let them lead? How could I possibly be sure that the drive will go on till WN? Did I ask the question: Is it true? No. So I could only wave when then came side to side again and looked smiling at me, but a concrete railing between us and I had no chance to cross anymore. Drove off the next exit and let myself flow to maybe find them. Bad start of DN, I know. I was angry with myself as well. Not calm. Friday night and the fantasies went wild…


Did you do DN? Yes How long did you do nothing today? 1h30min / per 1h30min

Answers NT

Did it today together with Herwig, we went for a walk in the city.. Before i waited 1 hour for my Idling-Partner at Starbucks and could manage to do nothing in this time…

If i am very attentive, i get a lot of various offerings from life.. I can embrace them or not – it`s my decision and i then take this or another road.. Anything goes wrong? Who the hell am i to decide that this is wrong? Maybe its perfectly right for me now??

Managing to root myself more and more in the being…

It feels essential to my life…

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