21 August 2013

Day 07


You can´t hide from yourself

o on only if you feel you really want to move. If not, don´t.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 1h 45min / per 15min

Answers HK

Walked out in the afternoon, one hour (more 40min) in one direction, then turned back. Was too short. At night a walk in the other direction 23.00-0.00. Including a wine in a bar, watching the scenery unfold without talking to anyone.

„Brackets“ [ ] do work very well, I coined the term with a dear friend of mine while talking about doing DN. It is a sort of framework wwhich leaves space in between. Somehow like , today, starting and ending the day with doing nothing. An hour out before bed rounds the day up. 1h walk is short, you have to turn around at approx 40 or at least 50min, if you do not take a bus back (noted, for another walk – even though it already sounds a bit planned… ;-)

That I am a giving person wanting to provide something for people. I hope that this research is part of it. I like it that there seems to be social value in doing nothing.

Wonderful. A super-productive day and calmly centered through the 2h of DN. More of it, and more variations, please…

BEFORE: Ok. Excitement came with getting the jacket on and the boots and being out the door in 3min.

WHILE: Soothing. The strolling flaneur works.

AFTER: Tired. Needed sleep.

Thought from yesterday: Which superpower would you like to have? – To donate superpowers to people / Touching the trunks of trees – it feels good, especially the Sycamore trees / The sweetness of the night if you are sitting and waiting – for nobody and nothing / White wine and magic / the laughing silent magic of nothing / Wu (Chinese character) – nothing (but more than that)



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 1h / per 30min & 10min

Answers NT

Today DN in my favourite place, a Japanese Garden with shady trees and different shades of green, I listen to the murmuring creek… Sinking into a leather-sofa at Starbucks with a XXL-Cup of Matcha Green Tea Latte, watching people doing a lot – paradoxically it “stills” me…

DN immediately releases me of my mental constraints and invigorates my mind – I now understand what Gerald Hüther means by the so called “Default State” of the brain…

Normally i´m totally trapped in my brainy world, and although that comes to my mind from time to time, I did not have the power / discipline to escape wilfully. I love to sleep at noon like a baby, but normally I´m not aware while doing that – I try to get into deep alpha without sleeping, staying fully aware…

Great. But with a big amount of resistance from the beginning…

Can we add „Nirvana-sleep“ into the rules of practice in Doing Nothing?
Herwig: No. Only listening to “Where did you sleep last night” by Nirvana without falling asleep.

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