18 August 2013

Day 04


At the riverside waves do change a lot

oing nothing means letting go of purpose.


Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 2h / per 2h

Answers HK

Being an idler in and on a stone. Sitting/lying on a stone pedestal at the riverside 5min from home for 2h, not moving much.

You just need a spot where you can stay and watch things pass by. Best in some nature, great if there is water around, and high trees – but a flock of people does it too. It becomes more important to do less as this exercise is repeated, it seems. Better no phone / or put it on “Flymode” on so idleness does not get disturbed by calls.

That I can be in the mood for less than nothing. Giving in, accepting this for some time AND making it constructive is a revelation.

The sculpture of the idler on display. Totally needed it, more than on other days. Sunday idling is already a certain expectation, but to make it more calm and lingering it needed to be in short walking distance AND cozy, so either grass or a warm stone-„bed“. The stone was the soil with less animals to distract me from doing nothing…

It just felt good. Very good. Raised my mood not totally, but significantly.

BEFORE: Just needed to badly do nothing. Really not in the physical condition to walk around and have adventures. Lying / sitting but while being attentive was ok, not too much, but also as much as could be managed. Inspiring.

WHILE: Time so easily passed by. Full two hours felt like I turned 3-4 times around and some boats passed by, the wind came up twice or so and it rained very lightly for 10min…and suddenly time was almost over. It felt like the most nothing so far.

AFTER: better. still in need of rest and feeling a heavy weight on my head, shoulders. But an old lady did say the same. She is Russian and spoke to me suddenly, in German, in full sentences for the first time in 3 years, when we met at the elevator…



Did you do DN? Yes
How long did you do nothing today? 30min / per 10min

Answers NT

Sitting at the riverside on a mat in my favourite natural idling place, drinking iced coffee and looking in the sun, watching the ships slowly moving by… can life be that easy? While watching outside I try in parallel to look inside, watching my thoughts, emotions, sensations…

It is very inspiring though its hard work for me… There are some little moments where I get a glimpse of aha! Must be what the Yogi-Tradition calls enlightenment… hopefully!!
The journey is becoming a discipline – like Zen in everyday`s life.. attentive.

It mirrors my mental patterns and allows me a clear view at myself, I begin with some kind of introspection and that is not always pure fun… what I discover is partly shocking, but I stay on the track – its an internal fightclub.

My mind feels very tense, and paradoxically I can feel no relaxation though i`m doing nothing – instead its an additional stress – I get angry..
Identifying several use- and senseless activities which I want to get rid off – getting more time from that rearrangement for the important things in my life…. Ha! What IS important for me? Now I can think about that tomorrow…

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